Mesh Weigh-in Bag

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Product Overview

     Mesh Insert Bag is used for our Pro Weigh Bag, GG-RTB-WHITE, GG-BAG-BLK AND GG-BAG-CLR. The bag dimensions are 22 x 22.

     We designed this bag back in 2006 and introduced in on the Bassmaster Elite and Open Series to help with the handling and shorten tournament weigh ins by reducing the amount and time the fish were handled. I have been a avid tournament fisherman since 1984 and wanted to come up with a way to get the fish back in the water as quickly as possible. Its been copied a few times which is the greatest form of flattery. The bottom line is I dont really care whom you buy them from just use them when you can and talk to your tournament director about incorporating them into your trail or jackpot tournament.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review